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Happy Resurrection Day to all our corgi friends, from the Rothrock's and the Turney's of Rothrock Farm Kennels.  We are rejoicing -- He is risen!  He is risen, indeed. 

t's hard to imagine that Murphy and Cari's pups are 6 weeks old!  Don't miss new pictures of Frodo and his new family and 6 week pictures of all the pups!  Just click "New Arrivals" tab.

Rothrock Farm Gazette
Lots of news from RF corgis this month.  Scroll down past pictures of our dogs to catch newly posted April issue of the Gazette, featuring ELSA AND CAITLIN IN THE TEXAS BLUEBONNETS, FORREST AT 4 YRS OLD AND HIS NEW BABY "NIECE," BOSSIER CITY CHARLIE, AND BRAND NEW PICS FROM SULLY AND LAUREN -- CHIEF, TOO!
AND...if you didn't get a chance to meet Bethany and her parents Brad and Christine, read their article in the April issue -- just scroll down :)

Our waiting list for 2015 is full, but we are continuing to add families who are able to wait for a puppy in 2016.  While we can't predict exactly what will happen with the list as puppies arrive this year, the list is at capacity of hoped-for puppies this year.  If you are planning ahead for your new family member and can wait awhile, email for information on how to add your name for a Rothrock Farm puppy. 
Check "Purchasing" tab for new pricing for 2015.

Meet our Corgis

Our farm, located in the Piney Woods of East Texas, is home to cows, goats, rabbits, cats, bluebirds, hummingbirds, chickens, various woodland creatures, an aging Golden Retriever, AND a whole herd of the most amazing corgis!

We were first introduced to Pembroke Welsh Corgis several years ago by an East Texas friend and breeder.  I fell in love with Wenna when she wiggled up into my hands at just three days old!  Later, we added Murphy and Annie (now retired to California, living the good life with Alberta) and began the tentative plan to breed Pembrokes.  What fun it has been to add Copper, Cocoa, Collin, Cerah, Cari, CJ, Callie, Caddy, Kelsey, and Kora over the years.  Robert and Candace Turney joined our kennel, breeding nearby in Lindale.  Each of litter is eagerly anticipated, joyfully welcomed, and loved to pieces!  The Rothrock's and Turney's co-own several dogs, and we are working to preserve and improve PWC genetics--conformation, temperament, and health--in our "herd."

Our Males

AKC Rothrock's Murphy Rhun
(Stud, Winnsboro)
AKC Tamera's Collin of Rothrock Farm
(Stud, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Rockin' Cool Jay
(Stud, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Royal Kelsey
(Stud, Lindale)

Our Females

AKC Rothrock's Copper Sky
(Dam, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Rendevous Cerah
(Dam, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Cocoa Rhun
(Dam, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Carry on Curlin'
(Dam, Winnsboro)
Tamera's Cadwyn of Rothrock Farm
(Dam, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Dressed up Callie
(Dam, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Queen Kora
(Dam, Lindale)

Rothrock Farm Gazette Volume II, 2015

Welcome to the April, 2015,  issue!  Scroll down to read articles and see pictures and news of Rothrock Farm puppies!

April, 2015

More in the growing-up-together  "buddyship" of Sully and Chief.  Lauren caught the two guys enjoying a refreshing drink and frolicking on a walk together.  What a pair!  Long and lanky (that would be Chief, of course) versus compact and cool Sully! No one has a tushie like a corgi tushie--Sully rocks it!



Spring has sprung in Texas! Caitlin and Elsa couldn't resist the Texas hill country bluebonnets this year.  And what beautiful pictures -- thanks so much, Caitlin! Makes me wish I could nap in the bluebonnets!  These are two very pretty girls!



Forrest celebrated his 4th birthday last week!  Pictures show how much he loves the late winter snow in the metroplex, and just how much he looks like his sire, Murphy!  Handsome?  Oh yeah, but look at his precious new little "niece."  Hard to complete with that sweet little girl baby smile, Forrest!  Wes and Mel are grandparents -- congratulations!



Barbara sent this new picture of Charlie, the life of her home!  She is completely enjoying him and making sure he has regular vet visits. He's growing into a good lookin' corgi boy!


Sully sends Easter greetings!  He spent his free day with mom Lauren going to meet the Easter Bunny.  Lauren reports that he wasn't enamored with the giant bunny, but, as always, LOVED the cart ride. Note the handsome new tie Sully sports for the Easter celebration! That Sully can strike a pose!



Meet Bethany, a special young girl who lives in the metroplex.  She and her mom and dad are eagerly awaiting the day when Moxie, one of our newest Rothrock Farm puppies, can come home to stay!  Mom Christine writes, "I wanted to send you a few pictures of Bethany so that you could see how she is involved in preparing for her lil' puppy.  I wish you could meet her in person because pictures do not reflect how beautiful she is and what a sweet, sweet spirit she has...In the first picture she is lying on her therapy table looking at the 2 week picture of her little puppy. In the second picture she is sleeping with her current "puppy" and I think she is dreaming of the real puppy coming our way.  In the last picture, I think the look on her face says, 'Mommy, enough with the corgi books already!'  By the way, her hands were cold is why she has socks on them.  We were not rrying to make a fashion statement!" 
When I asked Christine if I could post Bethany's pictures, she said to feel free to do so.  She added, "I was thinking about how all of your little puppies go to so many different families, all with different lifestyles, and how eac
h puppy goes on to have such individual adventures and purposes in their little lives.  Our lil' pup is going to have a very unique adventure too!  And, I assure you that she couldn't find a home with any more love to offer than she will find in ours.  We don't even have her yet and she's touching  our lives. We put together her exercise pen last night and I've bought her a couple chew toys.  Brad is thinking of things to do in the backyard for her.  Bethany's nurses are so excited they can hardly stand to wait...This puppy is going to be a very special companion for my very special little girl...She is a child with special needs and right now her special need is a puppy!"
Now we've met the rest of Bethany's family!  Christine and Brad came out to Rothrock Farm to meet  Moxie in person.  We had a sunshiny day, breezy and beautiful.  The puppies were outside for the first time -- on the porch until the ground dries, and Moxie got her feet on grass for the first time!  A great time was had by all.  We enjoyed getting to know this special couple, and are anxious to take little Moxie to Burleson to meet Miss Bethany in just a few more weeks!

March, 2015

Dee writes that Buddy (AKA the California Cowdog) proves he is a man of many interests as he wades in the surf off the Callifornia coast. Then, just to remind us all of REALITY, Dee snapped this mug shot of Buddy in the pickup truck after he "chased the cows too much."  Buddy had to suffer through watching all the fun from "time out!"  Poor Buddy :)



Emily and Caine are busy raising their dynamic duo!  Emily writes that Burt the lab has been just the right companion for energetic, but gorgeous, Gibbs the corgi!  Gibbs still considers himself the BIG brother -- which works only because Burt doesn't realize that he isn't little anymore.  Gotta love our corgis and labs!  Great pics below of Gibbs the BIG enjoying a good rub from Momma, posing regally in the snow -- with Burt the LITTLE.


February, 2015

Congratulations, Sully!  He's a graduate now.  He poses so nicely in his cap and gown on the left, then roars at mom Lauren to help him throw up his cap! WOOOOOHOO! Or is that perhaps a yawn toward the end of a lengthy commencement???


I received a Valentine's Day surprise from my Sully-boy.  He sent a rocking V-day card and a special "Be Mine" valentine portrait -- not to mention Lauren's famous doggie treats for Sully's mom, Copper, and some yummy heart boxes full of chocolate for ME!  Wow!  Sweetest Valentine's Day ever!  Thanks, Sully and Lauren!



Princess Elsa of College Station is enjoying the university life with Kyle and Caitlin.  She loves to fetch, but isn't too keen on the "bring it back" part.  Boy can that girl jump!  Just like her sire CJ.  Elsa is almost a year old and may be a little spoiled princess.  You think??



Nip is 1 YEAR OLD.  Amy writes she's a loved member of their family of five -- what a gorgeous girl (from Murphy and Caddy, 2014)!


Lots of new news from Lauren and Sully (Kody and Chief!) from Houston.  Sully had his first boat ride on a WOW fishin' trip on the coast.  Look at the size of those redfish!  Sully is featured on the captain's bridge in charge of the trip; being the lookout for sharks in the water; meeting his first redfish; getting some rays with buddy Chief, being a sweet boy with mom Lauren and the fish, and, finally, big dawgin' it with Kody. 



More news from Sully!  He went for the big vet snip visit.  Lauren snapped him giving her a look that needs no words on the way home....oooohhh.


We have new pictures of Dawson, stud son of Murphy.  Tracey writes that he is a champ and loves his lady friends immensely.  Dawson is shown at 18 months lovin that Arkansas snowfall!



Lauren writes that Sully the Brave endured his final puppy shots and shined through with great poise.  He was composed throughout the ordeal and willing to pose for a few pictures, recording the event.  In addition, the saga of "My name's Kody, and I don't do corgis," continues.  Pictures are evidence Lauren produces here to belie Kody's claim.  Oh well, another one bites the dust.  Who can resist a precious corgi???


January, 2015

The Watts family just sent pictures of Shiner (Cari/Murphy litter 1/14).  Laura writes that Shiner loves fetch, and hangs with his brother most of the time.  Of course, pictures show big sister gets some snuggles, too!  Shiner celebrated his 1st birthday on January 8th.  SO good to hear from Shiner and his people!

Above: Shiner at 3 months. Below just under 1 year.  HANDSOME BOY!!!



The Carroll's sent this picture of AnnaBelle, 18 months old (Cerah/Murphy litter 8/13), after a 5 MILE WALK!  Hey, Annie, I'm with you, kiddo!  Time to CRASH!


Ed the vet sends pics and updates from Ft. Collins, CO about sweet Tally.  She's almost 4 months old and has settled into a Colorado corgi completely.  She loves her rest times, posing like a little princess, and Ed says that big sister Twist has decided Tally isn't going anywhere and seems to have resigned herself to a pesky little corgi sis.  Look at that FACE!



Winston is 6-years-old!  It's hard to believe, but Winston celebrated his 6th birthday recently and has the hat and candles to prove it!  Katy said Winston (see picture far left) wasn't exactly thrilled with about blowing out his candles, and when Katy blew them out on his behalf, he freadk out, backed off the bench, and fell backwards onto the floor!  She noted, "He is quite bottom-heavy :)"  He soon recovered, however, and was begging at Katy's feet for his piece of birthday cake!

Katy and Winston have a new family complete with a special guy Kelly and three kiddos!  All love "Tiny-Win" as Katy calls Winston lovingly, and Win loves them all right back.  He's won over Kelly, previously not-a-fan of dogs, but then corgis aren't really dogs (are they???).  Win and Kelly ride "up-front" on their way to doggie-daycare at gmom Jan's (a/k/a Mo-Mo) every morning.  


Katy and Tiny-Win with birthday #6 cake; Mo-Mo Jan cudding Win; Win's Sewanee Christmas...


 Emma and Chester -- just foolin' around!


In Memory of Googie... 

Lauren sadly wrote that Googie, her feline best friend since 3rd grade, died on December 26, of an unexpected illness.  Googie was 17 years old, and Lauren believes that Googie held on...taking care of Lauren until Sully's arrival.  Lauren says, "...Sully was an angel--laying by my feet and looking at me so sweetly...Sully never seemed to leave my side--he followed me absolutely everywhere and was always licking me and consoling me and laying on my feet.  Sully's actions and prayer helped me realize the Googie was waiting on Sully...a suitable replacement to take care of me, and she passed the torch to Sully to be my guardian.  Sully sticking with me and refusing to leave me was his way of telling me that he was trying to do the job that Googie left him, as if saying 'I know I'm not Googie and will never be Googie, but I'm going to take care of you now Mom.'"  Lauren went on to say that she knew getting a corgi would be everything she dreamed of, but she would never have guessed he would have the impact on her life that he has -- at only 3 1/2 months old.  She added, "Sully allowed Googie to go to Heaven because she knew I would be okay and Sully would take care of me...and to think that WE take care of our ANIMALS." I agree Lauren.

Googie and Sully


Emma and Zac sent news of how they are getting along with Chester, now 5 months old!  Emma says Chester rings a bell to go outside, is loved by everyone he meets!  He is smart and knows how to leave it, sit, lay down, and shake.  They are still working on "come" and "stay" (oh yeah, he's a corgi all right!), but is catching one.  Chester has a funny personality and always makes Emma and Zac laugh; he loves to play with his "big dog" cousins! 


Congratulations to the Duncan family
in Louisiana.  They have welcomed a new baby boy into the family to join mom, dad, big brother Colton, Papillon Simone, and a year-old corgi named RUXIN!  From Jessica, "Ruxin met Liam today and immediately kissed him in the face!  She's not fearful of him at all...just welcomed him as a new member of the family!"  Here are pics of Ruxin and Liam. 

Sully and the Hawg Hunt

Kody and Lauren took Sully hog hunting...these pictures are worth a thousand words. But  to add just a few--I thought Kody was being a bit stand-off-ish from know corgi for Lauren, lab for him?  Has he been captured by corgi cuteness?!?  Sully seems to tuck in nicely, Kody!

Ashlee and Marshy are doing just fine this winter!  Look at that spoiled "Momma's boy" relaxing that handsome head on Ashlee's knee! What a guy!

Volume I, Issue 7, December, 2014

Sinclair gets acquainted with corgis big and small. Adorable!

Katheryn and her family
sent her Christmas greetings in the cutest card!  Enjoy greetings from a girl and her herd in Henderson, Texas!


Linda P, a member of our waiting list, sent the following note about her son Austin, their first corgi William, and the wait for her new puppy:
I wanted to share a sweet story with you. Almost fifteen years ago, my oldest son  Austin was 10 years old when he decided he wanted a Corgi.  I’d never met a Corgi before so I told him he’d have to do the research and find out about the breed to make sure that it was the right dog for us. He did the research and showed me what he’d found.
It seemed too good to be true, but the dog show was in town, so we went to “Meet the Breed”. We were both convinced after meeting several corgis and their owners, so our search bega, and I quickly found out that corgis are not that easy to find and they were expensive. I shared the news with Austin that I wasn’t sure we could spend that kind of money and they were hard to find, but he was determined. He made a jar with Corgi pictures on it and started saving his money. About 9 months later he’d raised most of the funds (through allowance, birthday gifts and raking leaves) and we found his Corgi--William.
This Christmas, Austin’s gift to me was a decorated jar “Puppy Fund” filled with the money for our new puppy.  I was so touched.  He said he had tried to find a puppy but knew I’d been talking to you and thought we should stick with a breeder we trusted. We’ve all missed William this season, I have bells on my front door that use to drive him crazy when the mail was delivered through the mail shoot.  He would sound the barking alarm to let us know the mail was here. My little boy--now 24 soon to be 25 was gifting me with his hard earned money for a new puppy. 
I just checked your website yesterday to see the puppy’s updates. I loved seeing and hearing about the families and their new fuzzy family members. I can’t wait.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
 Tally, on the left takes her first romp in the Colorado snow in 5 degree temperature!  Ed , an equestrian veterinarian, reports Tally is taking to the Colorado climate just fine and making vet calls with him! 
Angus Stuart  on the right,
takes his holiday in the warm climes of Miami, Florida, and sends his and mom Dora's greetings from Santa's favorite sled stop in Miami !

And, sa Very Merry Christmas from Sully and Lauren in Houston.  The Sully Christmas Story goes from  a ride in a shopping cart, to sitting on the old elf's knee.  Lauren said when Santa asked, "What would you like for Christmas, Sully?" Sully gave Lauren a look that said, "give him the list!" HA!  Then, of course, Sully in a box. Just like all kiddos-- play with the box--forget the toys!

Lauren writes that Sully is now an official corgi with his own "PLOMA." (#haveyouregisteredyourpuppywithAKC?) Such an advanced corgi, now sitting to shake hands on command!  Also learning golf with grandpa Morgan -- riding in style in his "Side Cart Sully" golf bin! Note the debonaire look in his aviators! And then, there is that tentative love/hate relationship with Kody and Chief.  Kody found that Sully is a cowboy boot size 13.  Then Chief shows himself a huntin' dawg, while Sully chills at a "luau" celebrating end of Lauren's finals.  That Sully!


Meet Luna (see litter from CJ and Daisy whelped April, 2014), sister to Elsa.  Just heard from Jill who is Luna's mom.  Jill shares that Luna's full name is Sailor Luna, Guardian of Love.  Luna is 7 months old and lives with Jill in Spring, Texas, near Houston.  Luna aspires to be an agility superstar, and, if she takes after sire, CJ, she CAN JUMP high and RUN FAAAASSSSSSTTTTT!  She's in obedience training and has also learned to shake, play dead, bang, roll over, spin, and has a crazed addiction for the laser pointer.  Find her on Facebook on her own page, "Sailor Luna, a Corgi and her Boy."  That boy is a 4-yr-old that does his best to drive Luna "bonkers!"  What a cutie this Luna is!


THE HOLE , A Puppy Story

Early on a cloudy morning on Rothrock Farm, puppies went outside to exercise in their pen.  They really loved this time of day--running, romping, and chew-chew-chewing. Mistress C walked out the front door,  and the puppies were crazy-glad to see her.  They did not appear to hold it against their mistress that she had put a big microchip needle in their skin, poked a pill down their throats, clipped their nails, and, finally, had given them some sweet-tasting medicine.  But, I digress from our story. 

 When Mistress C appeared on the porch, puppy Sully, with the others, rushed to the side of the pen and jumped and squealed to see her.  She noted, however, that Sully's nose looked dirty and there was dirt on his newly groomed feet, nose, face, and back.  Hmmmm, she muttered as she gazed about the pen, "I believe I spy a hole!"  She snapped at once to the fact that Sully was the culprit who had dug a hole!  A DIGGER, oh no! As Mistress C watched, Sully sneaked to the hole to guard his prize.  When he thought the coast was clear, well, you guessed it, HE DUG! Then as Mistress C quietly stood to see what would happen next, Lola -- yes dainty little Lola -- joined Sully!


They took a little break to check on Charlie at the fence, and what do you know!?  Charlie had a brown nose, too! Tally stood back as if to say, "My name's Bennett, and I'm not in it!" Gatsby non-chalantly looked away to distance himself from the illicit doings, while Tally continued her protestation of innocence as if to say, "I saw no evil!" 

 With attention diverted from THE HOLE, the kids broke into tag team wrestling each girl taking on a brother.  Sully, always in charge, refer-eed the match wearing the most innocent look ever seen on Rothrock Farm. 





Sinclair and her cousins made Thanksgiving visits to Rothrock Farm.  She worked hard to help the puppies eat!.  Xander, Gavin, and Taylor played like crazy with the puppies and did a great job socializing them.  Mama Copper joined in and did some manners training with her brood! A good time was had by ALL!  Blessings of the holidays abound!



Lauren is about to "die" to pickup her Sully on 12/7!  She sent pictures of  Googie and Chico, established cats in the Morgan household.  She plays the "Where's Sully?" to prepare the pair for the arrival of the new puppy!  Don't you know they'll be SO thrilled???
Chico on the left; Googie middle; Sully--locked and loaded on the right

Katheryn is home from university for the holiday and little Ruby Rose was SO EXCITED to see her!  Grammy Jean must have been spoiling grandpuppy Ruby, as Katheryn reports it is time for some serious training.  Sure, Katheryn!  You look SO strict in these adorable pictures!   


Dora and her Angus enjoyed their first cold snap and Thanksgiving together in Miami. It gets "brrrr" cold according to Dora -- a chilly 64 degrees, and Mr. Angus Stuart needed a tartan overcoat to stay nice and warm.  Okay you folks in cooler climes,be kind to the tropicals in Florida :)  Angus was supposed to "pose" in a cradle prop for pics on Thanksgiving, but he really didn't get into the photo shoot!  At least not until he assumed a regal "I always get my way pose on the sofa!  What a cutie.


Joyce Maas in Kansas City brought Tucker, a VERY handsome tri corgi pup now three years old.  She had plans at the time to train him to be a therapy dog. 

She reports, "He has Rally and Obedience titles through AKC, and we are working on advance titles now.  I have had 6 prior corgi's over 30 years, but I think this one has the strongest herding drive of all.  He herds the ducks ont he pond every day and gives the squirrels a run for their money, along with the "feral cats" in the neighborhood, and he can untie your shoest in a minute.  He loves to play ball and is the best retriever ever...he still likes to play in the water bowl if I don't catch him.  He swims in the pond more than any dog I have ever had, and I tell people he is part water spaniel...He has a wonderful disposition...loves everyone--dogs and people--but cats, not so much.  I am hoping to certify him as a therapy dog in the spring if all goes well." 

SO GOOD to have this news of Tucker.  I'm awaiting pictures of him as an adult, but thought I'd post some of his puppy pictures! 


Issue 6, November, 2014

Amy writes from Dallas that Nip is the "smartest dog they've ever had" and has found a sweet place in the family. Youngest, Hayes, seems to provide all the snacks Nip needs, and Amy reports that she takes her "high chair" cleanup duty VERY seriously.  Note picture on the left is Nip at 8 weeks, center Nip at 8 months (in front of same bench), then Hayes looking surprised at Nip's interest in her morsels -- sure!  That little girl has already figured out what to do with those carrots!


Lauren, is making preparations for Sully at home in Houston.  She's made a blanket, painted a toy box and filled it with treats Sully will LOVE, and....drum roll....has a new shirt just waiting for him!  Note the cool leash hook and treat station already hanging in Sully's corner of the house!!!  Lauren's preparation in pictures is worth the thousand words on the "Bringing Puppy Home" page!  Lauren says she's READY!  See more pictures of Sully and his littermates whelped 10/8/14 on the "New Arrivals" page. 

Jessica, our favorite vet in Louisiana, writes that Ruxin Fluffy Buns a/k/a Ruxin is "spoiled rotten."  Ruxin loves her big brother Colton, but pesters step-sister Simone the Papillon!  Jessica loves her coloring (like her sire Murphy).  Colton, Simone, and Ruxin (and of course Mom and Dad) will soon welcome a new little brother into the family!  Congratulations to the Duncan's!  What a sweet holiday season they will have with their two human boys and their two four-legged girls!

Cole writes from College Station that Hurley has seen her through a rough few months, and now both are READY for the holidays.  While Hurley is not too sure about the creative jack-o-lanterns on Cole's porch, he seem right a home with pumpkins and a dip in the lake!  He has mastered basic obedience commands including "howdy" (paw-shake Aggie style, and "kiss" (he touches his nose to Cole's nose).  He's still working on "come" and "wait" (definitely a corgi guy!!!).  Cole says, "His absolute favorite his pheasant toy.  I tied a toy pheasant to the end of a horse lunge whip and swing it around while he chases it all over the backyard.  He tries to herd it!...hilarious!...He is such a blessing, and God definitely sent him to me at the perfect time!"

Cynthia and Tamara send news of Buster and K'i'a'i all the way from Washington state.  These two are littermates from Copper and Murphy's litter in April, 2011.  What gorgeous boys they are.  You can see pup pictures in the banner at the top of each website page -- they are the ones with mud on their noses!  Clean up "real good," huh?  Buster is the handsome tri on the left, and K'i'a'i is the red dude on the right.

Issue 5, October, 2014

BOO! It's almost time for candy-galore, and Angus Stuart is already celebrating--  Working on becoming the Halloween fashion statement of 2014, sporting a "boo" tie and becoming "attached" to his jack-0-lantern!

End of Summer!  Ethan and Balthazzar enjoy a dip before the weather gets cool this fall.  What handsome guys these two are!


Look at Winnie Grow!  This six-month-old little girl is looking VERY grown-up.  What a cutie!  Susan reports that Winnie keeps everyone on their toes between talking and chewing.  Sounds like a perfect corgi!!!

Issue 4, September, 2014

It's Happy Birthday time!  Vanna writes that Foxy celebrated his first birthday REGALLY!  Vanna is in 6th grade this year and made King Foxy a doggy birthday cake and lots of treats to go along!  TOO fun! Left to right:  Foxy sporting kingly crown and cape; the CAKE=cookies and yummy doggie treats; far right Vanna and Foxy last year. 


Ashlee writes that Marshy celebrated his 1st birthday by visiting a bakery -- just for our beloved canines! Yummm!  Left to right:  Foxy with party presents at home; bakery treats and special photo; Marshy all tuckered out from the day; Ashlee and Marc with Marshy last year.


Last and youngest, but certainly never the least is our airforce corgi Thor at 7 months.  What a handsome boy!  Left to right: Thor posing like a model corgi; far right Lindsay and Alex when Thor was just a baby!


Issue 3, August, 2014

Jean and Katheryn make a pre-college visit to Rothrock Farm with beautiful Ruby Rose!  Katheryn will attend OU in the fall!


 Issue 2, July, 2014 

Darlin Does Red River!
The Todd's have just returned from Red River, New Mexico, where they vacationed with family, celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary, and introduced Darlin to the mountains and rocky mountain streams.             

Emily writes, "I wanted to send out this picture of Gibbs with his new baby brother, Burt!  We brought him home almost two weeks ago, and he and Gibbls love wrestling and playing tug of war.  They get along so well and are precious together...I've seen pictures of recent litters [on website] and they're completely precious!  

Lindsay writes, "....I wanted to send you some updated pictures of beautiful Thor!  We have been told by tons and tons of friends to get him puppy glamor shots; he truly is a beautiful dog!  For now he is my personal model.  We just love him to pieces!..."

Issue 1, June, 2014

Zippy Kellirose, Super Corgi Saves the Day--AGAIN!


A few years ago Zippy saved her family in Houston from a fire in their backyard by raising a Texas-size ruckus at the backdoor--alerting Gilbert and Shay to the danger outside.  Now, once again, Zippy moves into action to alert and protect way more than the backyard,this time her master, Gilbert!

Gil writes:  "Well, our sweet corgi Zippy has saved the day again. I was home getting ready for an appointment with Zippy at my side. I thought I heard our neighbor's car door shut (I was in bedroom on their driveway side), and, within 5 to 7 seconds Zippy started barking and ran to our den. Noticing that she was barking strangely...and  as she continued to bark  for another minute or two, I left the bedroom to see what she was barking at.  I discovered that she was barking at two strangers (one armed with a 12” combat knife and the other with a pry bar)  in my back yard, trying to break into our home!! Needless to say, I drove them off; however, without Zippy our beloved Corgi, it could have been a different story if they had caught me off-guard in the bedroom!  She is very brave and nothing short of a Super Corgi! God bless her!  The two juveniles were caught by the police, but, unfortunately, had discarded their weapons before they were caught.  Only trespassing could be charged against them."


Kyle and Caitlin write, "Just wanted to let you know that Elsa went to the vet today! They said she looks great and is one special dog! She got her second round of shots! We have enjoyed every single moment with her since we picked her up! She loves to run and play then just plop down on the floor and pass out! We are furthering her training in sit and come.. It is coming along great! Sometimes we don't even have to ask her to sit and she will!...We will keep you updated and stay in touch! Thank you so much for everything!




Cole writes, "Oh my goodness! Hurley is the absolute best dog in the world! He is so sweet and gentle! Thank you so much!!!!


Christin writes, "Albus is doing great.  He had his vet visit today.  The vet said he is perfectly healthy.  She [the Vet] also said that the puppy packet you sent was the most comprehensive info packet she's ever seen from a breeder.  She was really impressed.  Thanks so much!  I'm attaching some pictures of Albus hanging out in the sunroom and backyard..."


Katheryn writes, "Hey Rothrock family! Just checking in at the four month mark! Ruby has been more than a blessing to us.. I love her sooo much! But about some funny adventures... Ruby has had her first dip in the pool that she wasn't too fond of but LOVED the cool water! ...She helped me pack my bag for my graduation trip to New York! :) and last but not least, she got to meet my cousins from Austin who just petted her until she fell asleep, held her for an hour, and dressed her up in a hula girl costume! We hope that you guys are having a WONDERFUL summer! We would love to come visit soon before I leave in August!

Wyatt is in Louisiana with firefighters and farmers Kim and Wade.


Megan  writes that she and the rest of the Benanti's agree that Balthazzar is the most gorgeous corgi, very sweet, full of "puppy-ness" mischief, and smart as a whip! I hear the cute "heart" tush is all gone now that Balty is a big boy!  


Howard and Betty write, " doing great and finished her puppy obedience class a few weeks ago.  Sorry, they didn't have a [graduation] cap for them...Lulu has a very outgoing personality and gets along very well with people...We introduced her to the pool and she is now quite the water dog.  Fortunately it burns off some of energy.  She has some funny dietary habits.  She loves grass, flowers, rocks, and sticks outside.  Inside, she likes lettuce, celery, radishes, and carrots.  Her regular food she will only eat at night.  She is a great companion for us and is getting along with Atticus (our grandson) better each visit. 


Nip has settled in nicely and  the Beale family in Dallas.  She's well-loved by kiddos Meg, Hayes, and John!



Ruxin loves the Louisiana life with Mom, Jessica, Dad, and big brother Colton -- an aspiring vet--walkin in Jessica's footsteps!