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Our waiting list for 2018 is open, and we are planning for litters next year.  Please contact for information on how to p0lace your name on the list for a Rothrock Farm Corgi puppy.


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Carolyn and Charles Rothrock, Winnsboro TX

Candace and Robert Turney, Lindale TX

Email:; Phone:  903.588.6261

Meet Our Corgis

Our farm, located in the Piney Woods of East Texas, is home to cows, goats, rabbits, cats, bluebirds, hummingbirds, chickens, various woodland creatures, AND a whole herd of the most amazing corgis!

          We were first introduced to Pembroke Welsh Corgis several years ago by an East Texas friend and breeder.  I fell in love with Wenna when she wiggled up into my hands at just three days old!  Later, we added Murphy and Annie and began the tentative plan to breed Pembrokes.  What fun it has been to add and retire many wonderful corgis over the years -- each has been true to their champion heritage and perfectly "corgi" in temperament. 

          Robert and Candace Turney joined our kennel, breeding nearby in Lindale.  Each litter is eagerly anticipated, joyfully welcomed, and loved to pieces!  The Rothrock's and Turney's co-own several dogs, and we are working to preserve and improve PWC genetics:  conformation, temperament, and health.

Our Males

New stud dogs Ziggy and Bounder have been added to our breeding program. Look for pictures soon.

AKC Rothrock's Murphy Rhun
(Stud, Winnsboro) Retired on the Farm
AKC Tamera's Collin of Rothrock Farm
(Stud, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Rockin' Cool Jay
(Stud, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Royal Kelsey
(Stud, Lindale)
Retired to Cumby,TX
AKC Rothrock's Carry On Murphy Rhun
(Sire, Winnsboro)

Our Females

New females, Chloe, Cassie, Zoey, Zippy, Molly, and Mendee have been added to our kennel breeding program. Look for introductions and pictures soon.

AKC Rothrock's Copper Sky
(Dam, Winnsboro)Retired to Louisiana
AKC Rothrock's Rendevous Cerah
(Dam, Winnsboro) Retired to Louisiana
AKC Rothrock's Cocoa Rhun
(Dam, Lindale)
Retired to Lufkin, TX
AKC Rothrock's Carry on Curlin'
(Retired to Winnsboro, TX)
Tamera's Cadwyn of Rothrock Farm
(Dam, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Dressed up Callie
(Dam, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Queen Kora
(Dam, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Knock-out Dixie Rose
(Dam, Winnsboro)