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Next litters are expected between August and November, 2014, with 2015 litters January/February.  Now is the time to reserve a spot on our waiting list for a puppy in 2015! Email us for information on how to add your name for a Rothrock Farm puppy!

Rothrock Farm Gazette - Issue 4 is rolling out!  Scroll down past our wonderful corgis to read the latest news!

Our farm, located in the Piney Woods of East Texas, is home to cows, goats, rabbits, cats, bluebirds, hummingbirds, chickens, various woodland creatures, an aging Golden Retriever, AND a whole herd of the most amazing corgis!

We were first introduced to Pembroke Welsh Corgis several years ago by an East Texas friend and breeder.  I fell in love with Wenna when she wiggled up into my hands at just three days old!  Later, we added Murphy and Annie (now retired to California, living the good life with Alberta) and began the tentative plan to breed Prembrokes.  What fun it has been to add Copper, Cocoa, Collin, Cerah, Cari, CJ, Callie, Caddy, and Kora over the years.  Robert and Candace Turney joined our breeding program a few years ago, and each of our litters is eagerly anticipated, joyfully welcomed, and loved to pieces!  The Rothrock's and Turney's co-own several dogs, and we are working to preserve and improve genetics--conformation, temperament, and health--in our "herd."

Meet our Corgis

Our Males

AKC Rothrock's Murphy Rhun
(Stud, Winnsboro)
AKC Tamera's Collin of Rothrock Farm
(Stud, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Rockin' Cool Jay
(Stud, Winnsboro)

Our Females

AKC Rothrock's Copper Sky
(Dam, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Rendevous Cerah
(Dam, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Cocoa Rhun
(Dam, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Carry on Curlin'
(Dam, Winnsboro)
Tamera's Cadwyn of Rothrock Farm
(Dam, Winnsboro)
AKC Rothrock's Dressed up Callie
(Dam, Lindale)
AKC Rothrock's Queen Kora
(Dam, Lindale)

Rothrock Farm Gazette Volume I, Issue 4, September, 2014

Welcome to the September issue of the Rothrock Farm Gazette.  Scroll down to read articles, see pictures and news of Rothrock Farm puppies!

Page 1 -- Latest News!

It's Happy Birthday time! 

Vanna writes that Foxy celebrated his first birthday REGALLY!  Vanna is in 6th grade this year and made King Foxy a doggy birthday cake and lots of treats to go along!  TOO fun! Left to right:  Foxy sporting kingly crown and cape; the CAKE=cookies and yummy doggie treats; far right Vanna and Foxy last year. 


Ashlee writes that Marshy celbrated his 1st birthday by visiting a bakery -- just for our beloved canines! Yummm!  Left to right:  Foxy with party presents at home; bakery treats and special photo; Marshy all tuckered out from the day; Ashlee and Marc with Marshy last year.


Last and youngest, but certainly never the least is our airforce corgi Thor at 7 months.  What a handsome boy!  Left to right: Thor posing like a model corgi; far right Lindsay and Alex when Thor was just a baby!


Page 2 -- Issue 3, August, 2014

Jean and Katherine make a pre-college visit to Rothrock Farm with Ruby Rose!


Katheryn has made her decision to attend the Unversity of Oklahoma in the fall and is making preparations to head off soon.  She and mom Jean brought little Ruby Rose, adorable 5-month-old pup (Caddy/Murphy litter 2/14), for a quick visit before life changes huge-ly at the Stoke's house. Pictures top left and following:  Katheryn and Ruby Rose graduation 5/14 picture; same two relaxing in the pool (note the snazzy lifejacket on Ruby); right center and far right -- the regal Ruby August, 2014.

Page 3 --  Issue 2, July, 2014 

Darlin Does Red River!
The Todd's have just returned from Red River, New Mexico, where they vacationed with family, celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary, and introduced Darlin to the mountains and rocky mountain streams. 

Kadee writes:  "Darlin had a great time in Red River!  Garrett and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary...We have enjoyed...her so much!  She loves to run and play in the water...has...done a super job learning how to walk on a leash.  She is a pro now!  She has been adored and loved on by everyone we meet...made some friends while in [Red River] including 130 lb Gracie [the dog]! ...When we went up to Goose Lake...she posed so perfectly!  Darlin has been such a good dog for us, taking every new adventure in stride.  She loves to play but is content when we are busy, and she gets along with all ages of people and dogs..."

Gibbs arrived in November 2012, whelped by Cerah out of Murphy, and he joined Emily just before her marriage to Caine.  Looks like a new little guy is joining the family!  TOO cute. 

Emily writes, "I wanted to send out this picture of Gibbs with his new baby brother, Burt!  We brought him home almost two weeks ago, and he and Gibbls love wrestling and playing tug of war.  They get along so well and are precious together...I've seen pictures of recent litters [on website] and they're completely precious! 

Thor was whelped by Cari out of Murphy in Jan, 2014 and is our air force corgi.  Thor supports his flyer dad Alex  and mom Lindsay.  Pictures  celebrate his 6-month birthday! For now  Lindsay, Alex, and Thor reside at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.  Notice how Thor has charmed his grandpa!

Lindsay writes, "....I wanted to send you some updated pictures of beautiful Thor!  We have been told by tons and tons of friends to get him puppy glamor shots; he truly is a beautiful dog!  For now he is my personal model.  We just love him to pieces!..."

Page 4 --  Issue 1, June, 2014

Zippy Kellirose, Super Corgi Saves the Day--AGAIN!


A few years ago Zippy saved her family in Houston from a fire in their backyard by raising a Texas-size ruckus at the backdoor--alerting Gilbert and Shay to the danger outside.  Now, once again, Zippy moves into action to alert and protect way more than the backyard,this time her master, Gilbert!

Gil writes:  "Well, our sweet corgi Zippy has saved the day again. I was home getting ready for an appointment with Zippy at my side. I thought I heard our neighbor's car door shut (I was in bedroom on their driveway side), and, within 5 to 7 seconds Zippy started barking and ran to our den. Noticing that she was barking strangely...and  as she continued to bark  for another minute or two, I left the bedroom to see what she was barking at.  I discovered that she was barking at two strangers (one armed with a 12” combat knife and the other with a pry bar)  in my back yard, trying to break into our home!! Needless to say, I drove them off; however, without Zippy our beloved Corgi, it could have been a different story if they had caught me off-guard in the bedroom!  She is very brave and nothing short of a Super Corgi! God bless her!  The two juveniles were caught by the police, but, unfortunately, had discarded their weapons before they were caught.  Only trespassing could be charged against them."

Way to go, Zippy!

Elsa has taken off for San Antonio with Kyle and Caitlin. 

Kyle and Caitlin write, "Just wanted to let you know that Elsa went to the vet today! They said she looks great and is one special dog! She got her second round of shots! We have enjoyed every single moment with her since we picked her up! She loves to run and play then just plop down on the floor and pass out! We are furthering her training in sit and come.. It is coming along great! Sometimes we don't even have to ask her to sit and she will!...We will keep you updated and stay in touch! Thank you so much for everything!

Hurley is  home in College Station with his new parents, Cole and Chandler. (Photos courtesy of Captive10Five Design and Photography)

Cole writes, "Oh my goodness! Hurley is the absolute best dog in the world! He is so sweet and gentle! Chandler loves him too! We keep expecting him to be a puppy and do something wrong or bit and cry and pee everywhere, but he has been absolutely PERFECT!...He has been great on the leash...Chandler told me I bought the Jesus dog because he knew no sin! (And because he likes to play in his water bowl--so he walks on water!) I am the absolute happiest person in the whole world!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Also, here is a web link to the Hurley updates! There are pictures and stories from the past few days and I will keep updating this link as he gets older!  Thank y'all so much for my perfect puppy!!!!! Visit Cole's blog at

Christin and Patrick are settling in with Albus in Louisiana.  Handsome boy!

Christin writes, "Albus is doing great.  He had his vet visit today.  The vet said he is perfectly healthy.  She [the Vet] also said that the puppy packet you sent was the most comprehensive info packet she's ever seen from a breeder.  She was really impressed.  Thanks so much!  I'm attaching some pictures of Albus hanging out in the sunroom and backyard..."

Miss Ruby Rose is livin la dolce vita with recent grad Katheryn in Henderson.  K's note says it all!  Don't miss the hula costume!!

 Katheryn writes, "Hey Rothrock family! Just checking in at the four month mark! Ruby has been more than a blessing to us.. I love her sooo much! But about some funny adventures... Ruby has had her first dip in the pool that she wasn't too fond of but LOVED the cool water! ...She helped me pack my bag for my graduation trip to New York! :) and last but not least, she got to meet my cousins from Austin who just petted her until she fell asleep, held her for an hour, and dressed her up in a hula girl costume! We hope that you guys are having a WONDERFUL summer! We would love to come visit soon before I leave in August!

Wyatt is in Louisiana with Kim and Wade, horses, and firetrucks!  I'm sure Wyatt is a favorite at the fire station helping his people fight fires and save lives!


Balthazzar, Thor's brother, is completely enjoying life with the Benanti's in Dallas.  He joined older corgi Winston and is quickly winning hearts in Big D!

Megan  wrote that she and the rest of the Benanti's agree that Balthazzar is the most gorgeous corgi, very sweet, full of "puppy-ness" mischief, and smart as a whip! I hear the cute "heart" tush is all gone now that Balty is a big boy!  


Lulu, sister to Thor and Balthazzar, is living large with the Nylen's in Lake Dallas.  

Howard and Betty write, " doing great and finished her puppy obedience class a few weeks ago.  Sorry, they didn't have a [graduation] cap for them...Lulu has a very outgoing personality and gets along very well with people...We introduced her to the pool and she is now quite the water dog.  Fortunately it burns off some of energy.  She has some funny dietary habits.  She loves grass, flowers, rocks, and sticks outside.  Inside, she likes lettuce, celery, radishes, and carrots.  Her regular food she will only eat at night.  She is a great companion for us and is getting along with Atticus (our grandson) better each visit. 

Nip, littermate to Ruxin and Ruby Rose, lives in Dallas with the Beale's.  She is well-loved by kiddos Meg, Hayes, and John--who keeps up with Nip JUST fine--till it's crash time, of course!


Ruxin is littermate of Nip and Ruby Rose.  Mom, Jessica is a vet In Pineville, Louisiana, and Dad takes off for the oilfields every two weeks.   Colton aspires to veterinary medicine and "practices" on Ruxin! Watch that shot!